Vertexcom Technologies, a world-class fabless semiconductor company delivering smart grid and IoT communication solutions, has joined with QNO and DFI to demonstrate the next-generation IoT platform, highlighting reliable wireless connectivity and deployment of sensor applications at Computex Taipei 2019.

The live demo of Vertexcom’s revolutionary communication technology, QNO’s AIoT Cloud System and DFI’s sensor application solution, features Wi-SUN IoT data transmission and real-time responses in a network environment. 30 sensors are flexibly deployed across the exhibition area; AIoT Cloud Gateway connects and manages the sensors and the data collected, processes and reacts instantaneously to specific environment changes monitored by the sensors (temperature, hall effect, etc.), and enables preset behavioral responses accordingly.

The Gateway and sensor nodes leverage Vertexcom’ VC7300 Sub-GHz Wireless SoC on Wi-SUN standards to provide secure networking and edge processing in a stable and reliable mesh network.

Shaq Lee, President of QNO Technology, said, “Vertexcom has been an esteemed partner to QNO for years providing leading IoT communication solutions. Our collaboration leverages innovative distributed management architecture with field proven robust networking connectivity to deliver the optimal future IoT application platform.”

As an IoT pioneer, Vertexcom has been working on building an IoT ecosystem with semiconductor, module manufacturers, software developers, and system integrators. Customers and partners can leverage the ecosystem’s power for more opportunities, benefit from each other’s specializations and services.

DFI, a leader in embedded products for various industrial applications, is also cooperating with Vertexcom and QNO Technology to launch total solution of Wi-SUN IoT sensor applications (temperature, humidity, Illumination, ultrasound, etc.) at Computex 2019.

“Vertexcom is growing its influence in global partner building and working with leading customers, as well as continuous product development, “ Dr. HH Li, President of Vertexcom Technologies. “Reliability, security and scalability are key features of IoT systems. Vertexcom is providing future-proof communication solutions that solve the major challenges and meet the needs of smart grid and IoT.”

Vertexcom communication solutions can be applied in utilities, smart cities, smart home, and Industrial IoT applications.

Vertexcom Technologies, founded in 2017, is a fabless IC design company delivering IoT and smart grid communication ICs. Vertexcom provides cost effective PLC + Wi-SUN dual mesh SoCs for applications in smart grid, smart city and smart home markets.

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QNO is a leading developer of broadband network management and security products since 2004. QNO has been assisting Small and Medium Businesses to reduce operating cost for networking and ensure IT security with outstanding multi-WAN network security routers.

Founded in 1981, DFI is the world’s leading provider of high-performance embedded computing solutions. Backed by 40 years of experience in industrial computers, DFI offers industrial grade embedded systems of high stability, including industrial main boards, single-board computers, systems and tablets of various sizes.

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