Still serving your guests lemonade the old-fashioned way by emerging from the kitchen with a tray of filled glasses? It's time to rethink your serving strategy for which, you need a sparkling kitchen jug. Instead of carrying glasses pre-filled for your guests, enter the room with a transparent glass jug with a sparkling liquid that will be too irresistible to refuse a sip of. Not only will it make a wonderful appearance, it will also allow your guests to serve themselves how much they want.

The Truenow Ventures Duck Pot Glass Jug is made of high quality glass and comes with a matching clear lid.

The Frabjous Octagonal Water Jug is a tall geometric shaped glass jug that holds 1.3 litres of liquid with a handle and a bright pink plastic lid.

1.0mm Aluminium Mirror Glass

The Luminarc Arc Jug is a high quality glass jug with a wide bottom and handle which is dishwasher safe.

The Luminarc Quatro Jug is a tall embossed jug made of glass that's resistant to chipping and breaking.

The Luminarc Fridge Jug is a cylindrical style clear glass jug with a lid, handle and capacity to hold 1.1 litres of liquid.

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