In her article "Top Features In A Law Enforcement Tactical Flashlight" (, Editor Adrienne Zimmer writes: "Flashlights are not what they were 20 years ago. Rather, today’s flashlights are brighter, lighter, smaller, more efficient, more durable and come with more charging options and features. Before making a flashlight purchase, law enforcement must understand the product and whether or not it will work and respond well for the job at hand."

There are few markets in the law enforcement industry that have such subtle changes that effect the product as drastic as the portable light / flashlight. Sure, the torch is still a torch, the spotlight still helps beam a large area, and scene lights ... still light a scene, but LED bulbs, modern batteries and fresh designs have taken this category to a level able to accomplish some impressive features. 

5.11 Inc.Ideal back up for first responders or as a primary for everday carry, the compact but powerful RAPID PL1AA gets the job done. This dual fuel compatible light is powered by standard AA alkaline or 14500 rechargeable lithium ion batteries. The bi-directional pocket clip provides additional mounting options to attach to your clothing, hat, or gear to be ready for anything the darkness brings.

FoxFury Lighting SolutionsThe extremely versatile Scout Clip Light serves as a utility light, task light, search light, and more. This durable light is waterproof and meets NFPA fire resistant requirements, so users can rely on it working in extreme environments. It’s lightweight, compact, and the built in J-Clip ensures it stays with users no matter where they go. The Scout comes in either a black or orange exterior with two different LED options: all white or white and red.

The Scout’s secure J-Clip allows it to be worn in a variety of ways including on a backpack, pocket, belt, vest, and even MOLLE system. The teeth on the inside of the clip ensure it stays in place no matter how rugged the task a user needs it for, allowing the user to work uninterrupted and hands free.

The Scout is available with two LED options; all white or white and red. White LED models are recommended for users that want to use the Scout primarily for search or inspections while the white and red LED models are recommended for users who want to see and be seen. The red LEDs help preserve night vision in low light conditions. This is useful for tactical night operations, reading a map or paperwork in the dark, or even checking in on the kids without waking them up at night. The alternating flash mode on the white and red LED models can be used as a safety beacon as well, alerting others to your position. This could be used during a roadside emergency, a search and rescue operation, or even while riding a bike along a busy road.

Pelican Products Inc.Pelican Products Inc.’s slimmest AAA safety certified flashlight, the Pelican 1975 LED penlight and its non-certified counterpart, the 1970 LED penlight have been engineered with an aluminum core and a nearly indestructible polymer shell. The 1975 LED penlight boasts multiple safety certifications (Class I, II and III, Division 1) for safe usage in nearly any environment, including those where flammable materials, gasses and accelerants are present.

Powered by two AAA alkaline batteries, the 1975 LED penlight is extremely lightweight (X.5 ounces with battery) and shines 117 lumens of clear, brilliant light for up to 2.25 hours of continuous run time. Additional features include a tail cap switch and an integrated clip for easy transport in a shirt pocket.

The similarly designed 1970 LED penlight has a higher lumen count at 139 and a longer run time of 4.25 hours but isn’t safety certified. Also available is the optional low-profile, polymer snap-in helmet light holder which works with both models for true hands free usage.

Streamlight Inc.Streamlight Inc.’s ProTac 90 is their latest addition to the ProTac series of tactical lights. The ultra-compact, 300-lumen light features a 90-degree head for right-angle lighting, and also permits varied fuel options, including the use of a single CR123A lithium, AA alkaline or AA lithium battery.

The ProTac 90 uses the latest in power LED technology for extreme brightness. Offering three different lighting modes, the light features a TEN-TAP programmable switch, which allows for user selection from among three programs: high/strobe/low (factory default); high only; or low/high. The ProTac 90 is powered by either one CR123A lithium, AA alkaline, or AA lithium battery. Run times range from 1 hour and 45 minutes to 5 hours and 30 minutes on High, and from 8 hours and 15 minutes to 15 hours on Low, depending on battery selection.

SureFireThe SureFire PLR Stiletto’s slim design and light weight allow it to be carried comfortably all day, without getting in the way of your life. Despite the small size and weighing less than three ounces, the PLR packs a punch with a high output of 650 lumens. The Stiletto utilizes a rechargeable lithium polymer battery, with LED fuel gauge, that can be charged via Micro-USB charger. The primary switch on the body is programmable and can select outputs between 5 and 650 lumens. The tactical switch on the rear of the light activates the 650 lumen high output only, and has an optional high-frequency strobe. The heavy duty pocket clip will always keep the Stiletto quickly accessible and secured.

Larson Electronics LLCLarson Electronics LLC’s 5 million candlepower rechargeable handheld halogen spotlight is equipped with a 4-pin marine plug compatible with Perko sockets and other marine similar sockets. What sets this halogen spotlight apart is a uniquely shaped lens and a special inset positioning that capture and focus 90% of emitted light.

The HL-85-MP4 from Larson Electronics is a 100 watt halogen handheld spotlight that uses a halogen bulb with a uniquely shaped shallow reflector, which, combined with a convex lens and inset lens positioning, efficiently captures and produces high quality illumination in a focused beam. The special positioning of the bulb and the shape of the reflector greatly reduces the amount of light “spill” and captures 90% of the emitted light. The reduction of spillage also reduces casting allowing operators to see pinpointed objects clearly.

ASPThe latest version of ASP’s lightweight, all-weather polymer duty light ups the performance ante again, putting out 525 lumens with a range of over 200 meters. The polymer housing is molded around an aluminum core, for added strength and thermal management. ASP’s “Double Tap” feature drops the light down to a 15 lumen low setting, with just a quick second press of the tail switch. The “DF” designation stands for Dual Fuel—meaning the light can be powered by either the included 18650 rechargeable battery, or by two optional CR123A primary (disposable) cells. ASP’s trademark 3-position rotary tactical tail switch offers constant, intermittent and locked modes, and in-light recharging is monitored by an onboard charge status indicator. Finishing touches include an exclusive foamed-vinyl grip surface, flexible weather-sealed charge port cover, and removable pocket clip. The Poly DF is also compatible with ASP’s optional hands-free, rotating Tactical Light Case, available separately.

NightstickNightstick’s long-gun exclusive Tactical Weapon Mount models, TWM-354 and TWM-854XL, feature a remote dual function pressure pad switch and eight-inch cable that provides flexible mounting options.

Nightstick model TWM-854XL features a 850-lumen output rated for 1.75 hours, illuminating objects up to 245 meters (803+ feet) away. Nightstick TWM-354 features a 350-lumen output rated for 2.5 hours, illuminating objects up to 215 meters (705+ feet). Weighing in at only 4.5 ounces, constructed of aircraft-grade aluminum and rated as IP-X7 waterproof, these new weapon lights are ideal for use on rifles and carbines. Featuring the universal MIL-STD 1913 Picatinny rail system and sharing the same engineering for robust performance, users can now get peace of mind already established across the Nightstick TWM lineup.

Designed for maximum installation flexibility, Nightstick’s remote pressure switch can be mounted to any rail with the included NS-PIC1 rail connector, or seamlessly integrated into a Tango Down vertical foregrip using its built-in pressure pad insert slot.

The TWM-354 and TWM-854XL weapon lights come pre-configured out of the box with a pair of cross-rail inserts and are both backed by a limited lifetime warranty. Contents include a dual action pressure switch with eight-inch cable, two spare cross rail inserts and cap head screws, Allen wrench, NC-PIC1 Picatinny rail connector, VELCRO and alcohol pad and two CR123 lithium batteries.

TecNiqLED strip lights are often installed on slightly curved, uneven or a wide variety of surface finishes such as wood, fiberglass and metal. For these applications, a secure, permanent mounting method is needed, especially when high heat and/or humidity is expected. TecNiq’s E45 Slim Light is the perfect solution. Potted directly into an extruded aluminum channel, they install quickly and easily with durable powder-coated clips. Ideal underneath a gunwale, shelf, step or other site with extremely limited space.

E45 Slim Lights boast a 50,000-hour life performance rating. They’re sealed with TPE end caps that provide superior UV- and chemical-resistance than PVC or rubber. While not submersible, they deliver excellent protection against salt and moisture.

At only 0.55” W and 0.23” H, E45 Slim Lights are super compact, allowing them to fit into the tightest locations. They’re available in four lengths and two versions each, Standard and Premium Performance. Offered are 7” with three or six LEDs, drawing 0.1A or 0.2A and delivering 150 or 300 lumens; 11.5” with six or 12 LEDs, drawing 0.2A or 0.4A and delivering 300 or 600 lumens; 25” with fifteen or thirty LEDs, drawing 0.5A or 1.0A and delivering 750 or 1500 lumens; and 47.5” with thirty or sixty LEDs, drawing 1.0A or 2.0A and delivering 1,500 or 3,000 lumens.

Installation of E45 Slim Lights is a breeze and highly adaptable. Flat or perpendicular clips are fastened with a simple #6 pan head screw. Once wired, the fixtures are simply snapped into place, making it especially easy to install when complete access is limited. The lights are easily daisy-chained for lengths greater than 47.5” or when a unique configuration is needed.

Streamlight Inc.Streamlight Inc.’s laser-equipped version of its ProTac Rail Mount HL-X weapon light delivers 1,000 lumens, while offering double-switch functionality and an integrated red aiming laser with a unique clamp design to maintain windage and elevation adjustments.

The ProTac Rail Mount HL-X Laser offers the latest in close combat/defense illumination technology for rifles, carbines, and sub-machine guns with MIL-STD-1913 (Picatinny) rails. Its specially designed clamp allows the light to rotate to maintain windage and elevation settings in any mounted position. The light also features multi-fuel options, including either a USB rechargeable system that uses a Streamlight 18650 USB battery, or a CR123A lithium battery version. It uses a high power LED to deliver blinding white light that produces a concentrated beam with optimum peripheral illumination. Featuring high, low and strobe settings.

Larson Electronics LLCLarson Electronics LLC’s 120-watt adjustable pole LED lighting solution is intended for use in rugged and outdoor operations. This two-lamp LED fixture emits 8,400 lumens of high output illumination, with a telescoping pole mount that can be adjusted between 3 to 8.5 feet.

The TPM-2XLEDEQ-4X3-CPR is an industrial two-lamp LED fixture with a telescoping pole that can be adjusted from 3 to 8.5 feet, allowing the two light heads to be raised to a height that produces the right amount of light spread needed for any small application. The LED lamps at the top of the adjustable pole mount feature spot beams for focused spotlight, and flood beams for more diffused wide-angle applications. This dual beam configuration combined with a color temperature of 6000k provides maximum illumination, making this light an ideal replacement for older incandescent and halogen lamps that are bulkier and less reliable.

This telescoping LED fixture also features a variety of structural characteristics for industrial grade durability and reliability. The adjustable pole features a pneumatic braking system preventing unexpected or sudden collapsing, so if an operator chooses to mount heavier fixtures, they pole will slide down slowly and gently when locking tabs are released. The light housing is constructed with aluminum and is IP67 certified, protecting the dust, dirt and water immersions up to 3.3 feet. Additionally, the Cree LED used in this fixture has an impact resistant polycarbonate lens. The TPM-2XLEDEQ-4X3-CPR complies with CE, ROHS and E4 standards and has a weatherproof quick disconnect between the lamps and the provided 20 foot 16/2 wiring harness.

SureFireThe latest addition to the SureFire Fury family, the Fury IntelliBeam joins the single-output Fury Tactical, providing a versatile, dual-fuel, pocket-sized searchlight that can be powered by either two 123A lithium batteries or a single 18650 lithium-ion rechargeable battery. SureFire’s IntelliBeam technology utilizes an intelligent sensor and microprocessor-based system to continuously evaluate and seamlessly regulate light output based on your surroundings. The Fury IntelliBeam smoothly dials the output up or down to the optimal setting—anywhere from 15 to 1,500 lumens—based on the amount of ambient light reflecting back to its sensor. In addition to the convenience of not having to cycle through multiple output settings, this cutting-edge technology also helps preserve dark-adapted vision and extend battery life. If you’re illuminating a distant object in an open field, you’ll get all 1,500 lumens. Whether you’re prepping gear or reading something up close, the Fury IntelliBeam always maintains the appropriate level of output for the task at hand. Its precision-machined reflector features a micro-textured reflective coating that creates a far-reaching beam with a bright central area and enough surround light for ideal situational awareness.

Larson Electronics LLCLarson Electronics’ LED magnetic handheld spotlight produces 4,355 lumens of light output with low voltage and amp draw as well as 12 and 32-volt compatibility. The HML-LED65WRE LED magnetic handheld spotlight draws on less than 5.42 amps from a 12-volt electrical system while utilizing one Cree 65-watt LED. This unit features a high output reflector that produces a 10˚ narrow spot beam of about 3,000 feet long. The Cree LED is resistant to shocks and vibrations and is rated at 70% lumen maintenance after 50,000 hours of use.

Larson Electronics’ LED spotlight features a waterproof light up to three meters and is sealed against the ingress of dust and dirt. This unit is mounted to a 3.25” diameter magnetic base with 100 pounds of grip and an impact resistant plastic handle for easy use. This unit features adjusting hinges that are tensioned, allowing the operator to position the light in any way without the need for locking the unit into place.

This unit is IP68-rated and can withstand rapid temperature changes of -40˚C to 85˚C with housings formed from extruded aluminum and lenses made of unbreakable polycarbonate. This unit offers various detachable cord options for low voltage operation, including a 16-foot straight cord with a cigarette plug, 21-foot straight cord with battery clamps, 21-foot straight cord with a battery ring terminals, and 16-foot coil cord with a cigarette plug.

The USB-558XL, with recharging USB port open.NightstickFeeding the growing demand for ultra-bright LED pocket carry flashlights, Nightstick expands its USB-rechargeable tactical light lineup with the addition of the USB-556XL and USB-558XL (pictured). Both lights are designed with the same rugged aluminum construction and single momentary and constant-on push button tail cap as the original 320-lumen USB-320 EDC rechargeable flashlight.

Each light offers four user-selectable modes (high, medium, low, strobe) and includes built-in USB charging. Unscrewing and sliding down the O-ring sealed protective collar to reveals the built-in micro USB charging port. A red indicator below the bezel turns green once the light is fully charged.

Perfect for everyday use, the USB-556XL features a high-efficiency parabolic reflector producing 750 lumens for one hour, 250 lumens for two hours and extending to five hours on the lowest 80-lumen setting. The USB-558XL increases lumens output to 900 on high, 350 lumens on medium and 100 lumens on low, with 2, 4.25 and 16 hour run times respectively.

With a length of only 4.7 inches and weighing 4 ounces, the lightweight 556XL takes up very little pocket real estate and rides conveniently within easy reach thanks to a metal pocket clip.

THYRMTHYRM added compatibility for two SureFire flashlights with the introduction of the SwitchBack S Backup. THYRM improved upon the design of the original SwitchBack Backup to fit the popular SureFire EDCL1-T and EDCL2-T while retaining compatibility with most legacy E-Series Backup flashlights with click or tactical tailcaps. The SwitchBack S enhances your compact flashlight, optimizing ergonomics for searching and shooting.

SureFireSureFire’s 1,000 lumen X400U and X400UH models will be available in the both red and green laser versions for holster compatible and non-holster compatible lights. The SureFire X400U is the finest duty-grade handgun WeaponLight and laser combination available today. The X400U, features 1,000 lumens of stunning white light focused by a Total Internal Reflection (TIR) lens to produce a tight beam with extended reach and significant surround light for peripheral vision. Located below the primary light, the X400U’s 5-milliwatt laser sight emits a high-visibility beam, perfect for non-standard shooting positions and use in low-light scenarios. The laser’s aiming adjustment mechanism uses Nylok screws that won’t back out from the effects of recoil, which means it rarely needs to be re-zeroed.

StreamlightThe Siege X USB is a multi-function, ultra-compact USB rechargeable lantern with multiple lighting modes, including a forward flashlight setting. The light, designed to work in a wide variety of tactical, outdoor, DIY and other applications, delivers up to 325 lumens in lantern mode and up to 300 lumens in its flashlight setting.

The Siege X USB features three different lighting modes: smooth lantern lighting; a red LED setting to preserve night vision; and a front spot light to use the lantern as a handheld flashlight. Powered by a Streamlight 18650 USB battery or two CR123A disposable lithium batteries.

The Fenix TK20R flashlight packs quite a punch with its impressive 1,000 lumen maximum output from the CREE XP-L HI V3 LED. The deep reflector gives an impressive beam throw of over 1,000 feet and the powerful strike bezel and strobe mode makes the TK20R an excellent choice for law enforcement use.

Fenix TK20R also offers convenience and reliability. Direct onboard micro-USB charging of the included 2900 milliamp (mAh) Fenix 18650 battery means that you’re never too far away from a power source.

The runtime on the low setting will last you an amazing 160 hours, plus it can accept two CR123A batteries for use as backup if your 18650 dies. That’s a lot of light during a power outage or other emergency when recharging is not an option. The 11 hour runtime on the medium setting also means that the TK20R is going to last you through your whole night shift with no trouble.

The TK20R is made of durable aircraft-grade aluminum with an impact/drop resistance rating of one meter and is waterproof to IP68 standards: fully submersible down to 6 feet for up to 30 minutes. In the event the light should fail under these conditions or during normal use, Fenix has you covered with their 5 Year Full Coverage warranty.

SureFireSureFire, LLC’s rechargeable XR1 is a quantum leap forward in SureFire’s ultra-compact WeaponLight series.

The XR1 delivers twice the lumen output of our XC WeaponLights. Its recoil-proof LED produces 600 lumens to a distance of 80 meters, while SureFire’s MaxVision Beam technology ensures a smooth, rounded beam that is optimized for the human eye, with plenty of surround light for ideal situational awareness. A computer-style magnetic recharging port makes refueling the XR1’s integrated battery simple and convenient without requiring removal from the weapon. Weighing just 2.2 ounces, the XR1 features a Mil-Spec hard-anodized aerospace aluminum body that’s durable enough for everyday carry, with a footprint that is nearly identical to the SureFire XC2 WeaponLight. A new rail mount features four points of contact for an added measure of redundancy and security when mounted to a weapon.

SureFireMeet the single output E2D Defender Tactical and the dual output E2D Defender Ultra. The Defender series lights feature a high output of 1,000 lumens via a virtually indestructible high-performance LED and a Total Internal Reflection (TIR) lens. The signature Defender crenulated Strike Bezel offers defensive options should the need arise. The E2D Defender Tactical and E2D Defender Ultra are both activated with a push-button click-type crenulated tailcap. The machined aerospace aluminum body has a Type III MIL-SPEC hard anodized coating for durability and corrosion resistance. The bolstered dual-function pocket clip is best for bezel up or down pocket storage. Slender and powerful, the E2D Defender is an ideal everyday-carry light.

Larson Electronics LLCLarson Electronics LLC’s handheld LED light features a magnetic base for mounting and an inverted pistol grip for robust control offers 2,160 lumens of high light output and a compact profile that produces a bright flood beam, ideal for military, law enforcement, commercial use and security and hunting applications.

The HML-27R-LED magnetic LED light features nine, three-watt LEDs that produce 240 lumens each for a total of 2,160 lumens, while only drawing 27 watts from a 12 volt electrical system. The LEDs are arranged in a circle and paired with high purity optics to create a wide flood beam of 30 degrees.

1000w Double Ended Reflector

This LED light has IP67 rated construction that resists extreme environments and operating conditions. This unit is waterproof to three meters and resistant to dust, dirt and humidity. Extruded diecast aluminum and unbreakable polycarbonate lenses makes the HML-27R-LED ideal for rugged working conditions. A 100-pound magnetic base that holds tight in place. The durable spotlight also features a 5” tall inverted pistol grip handle for easy control over beam positioning.

This handheld LED spotlight includes a detachable 16-foot coil cord with a cigarette plug. A 2-pin weatherproof Deutsch connector easily and securely attaches and detaches the cord from the spotlight. Additional cord options are available with this unit. This reliable outdoor spotlight can be used with any vehicle or ATV with a cigarette plug, and can be ordered in either 12 volt or 24 volt configurations.

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