Industrial LCD manufacturer KOE (Kaohsiung Opto Electronics) have announced an expansion of their range of LCD display modules with projected capacitive (PCap) and Pixel Eyes in-cell capacitive touchscreens. Screen-sizes range from 6.3-inch up to 12.3-inch.

KOE's bonded projected capacitive touchscreen line-up includes 6.3", 7.0", 8.0", 10.1", 10.4" and 12.3" display modules with resolutions ranging from 800 x 280 pixels up to 1920 x 1200 pixels. Pixel Eyes in-cell capacitive touchscreen technology features on the new 8.8-inch TX22D200VM0BVA (1280 x 720 pixels) and 10.2-inch TX26D208VM0AVA (1920 x 1080 pixels) display modules.

KOE's proprietary Pixel Eyes in-cell technology fully integrates projected capacitive touch panel functionality into the LCD cell. The Rx (receiver) function is incorporated into the shielding layer on the colour filter substrate, while the Tx (transmitter) function is incorporated into the common electrode on the TFT substrate. Pixel Eyes touch technology enables thinner and lighter display modules to be designed and manufactured.

KOE's PCap and Pixel Eyes touchscreen display modules are highly suitable for graphical user-interface applications which require a robust, reliable touch interface solution offering precise and flexible gesture interaction.

The use of optical bonding technology allows a variety of surface treatments such as anti-glare (AG), anti-reflective (AR), anti-fingerprint and scratch-resistant hard coatings to be used. Optical bonding can also significantly improve the optical performance of the display: a TFT display featuring an optically bonded cover glass and surface coating can reduce reflections to less than 0.2% by scattering and absorbing ambient light.

Benson Huang, marketing manager, KOE said, "As a leading manufacturer and supplier of industrial displays, KOE is pleased to be able to offer standard display modules featuring PCap and Pixel Eyes touch technology. Pixel Eyes is an automotive grade approved technology which ensures high levels of quality assurance and exemplary manufacturing standards are achieved. Additionally, long term product stability and longevity of supply is also ensured."

KOE is able to provide full-custom and semi-custom PCap touchscreen display module solutions, including unique cover glass designs, surface treatment and printing, and optical bonding requirements to meet the needs of individual applications and design projects.

Projected capacitive touchscreen technology is used in a multitude of human machine interfaces in electronic devices, medical equipment, smart meters, domestic appliances, in-vehicle displays and many more. The full range of KOE PCap and Pixel Eyes TFT display modules are available immediately from KOE's sales channel and distribution partners.

Kaohsiung Opto-Electronics (KOE) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Japan Display Inc., Japan. With headquarters and manufacturing facilities in Taiwan, KOE provides the industrial market and product focus for Japan Display Inc. KOE has extensive experience in the design, development and manufacture of high performance LCD modules.

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Japan Display Inc(JDI) was formed by the merger of the small and medium size LCD panel businesses of Hitachi, Sony and Toshiba in conjunction with the Innovation Network Corporation of Japan (INCJ). INCJ invested $2.6 billion and is the largest shareholder in Japan Display Inc. Japan Display Inc has extensive fabrication facilities in Japan and commenced operations in the spring of 2012. Japan Display Inc is one of the world’s largest manufacturer of small to medium size LCD and produces displays for mobile phones, tablet computers, automotive and medical equipment

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