If going to the gym isn't your cup of tea but you'd stay like to stay fit, now you can. An exercise bike will let you burn off calories from the comfort of your own home.

There are many reasons you may want to invest in an exercise bike for home use. Perhaps your local gym isn't so local, or maybe you just don't like humans - both are perfectly viable reasons.

Whatever your reasoning behind wanting to get fit at home, if you're thinking about the best piece of equipment to help you on your fitness journey, an exercise bike is a great place to start.

Exercise bikes are generally less bulky compared to other home equipment like treadmills - they are also easier to store away when you aren't using them.

We've rounded up some of the best below for every fitness need, all of which won't break the bank as they're price under £200.

This exercise bike from roger black has a sleek and stylish design. Considering it's where you'll be doing a lot of hard work and sweating - it helps that it at least looks nice.

A quick release knob on the bike allows you to easily adjust height of the bike to suit your needs, it's also handy if more than one of you is using it at home.

Choose from eight levels of tension to get the best workout for you. When you've had enough, the bike conveniently folds making it perfect to store away.

If you're really pushed for space a home, this miniature bike is a great option. The compact little home trainer is perfect to get in shape without compromising on room.

It's great for strengthening arms and legs and even has an easy to read LCD display so you can keep an eye on your workout. Not bad for just over £40.

Why go to the gym when you can train your legs, improve your stamina and keep an eye on all of your health stats at home?

This exercise spin bike has an adjustable seat as well as adjustable resistance - so you can always tailor your workout to suit your needs.

An LCD digital monitor will allow you to monitor your exercise time, speed, distance and even your heart rate. For under £90 you can't really go wrong here.

If you're looking for a great all-rounder, this might be your best bet. It's packed full of great features and under £200, so will essentially cost you less than a gym membership for the year.

Choose from over 21 smart programmes to find the ideal workout for you, you're also able to adjust the magnetic resistance.

Built-in hand pulse sensors allow you to track your progress and monitor important stats like your heart rate.

If you're not into digital screens that's a plus because this bike doesn't have one. Instead you'll receive console feedback about your workout, including your speed, distance and calories - which is easy to read so you can monitor all progress.

It doesn't have as many nifty features as some of the other bikes, but if you're just looking for an easy workout, it's definitely an option to keep on the radar.

This exercise bike is different to any of the others featured so far, if you want to focus mainly on building and strengthening your glutes and core, this machine is perfect.

You can add or remove bands to give you up to 22 pounds of resistance, you'll also have the ability to do a range of different level squats.

This multi functional bike looks the part and will offer you a workout to suit every area of your body.

Use it traditionally as you would a normal exercise bike with adjustable resistance, for the days when you want a really deep workout. The bike also has a backrest so you can workout comfortably.

At the back of the bike are resistance bands, perfect for working your arms out or toning up that core.

If you liked Motive Fitness' bike but wasn't too keen on the price tag, you'll simply love this. It has pretty much all of the same features, including a backrest, easy to navigate LCD display and up to eight levels of resistance - it's also cheaper, which is the real bonus.

Also incorporated is a specific holder for your smartphone or tablet, because what would a workout be without a killer playlist?

The York 110 is the most expensive on our list at just under £200. For the features included it's a complete steal and not one you'll want to miss if you're serious about getting fit at home.

Enjoy eight levels of resistance and four different program settings to choose the workout that best suits you. You can also undergo a fitness test, then track your progress to see how fit you're becoming.

Monitoring progress is super simple with built-in hand pulse sensors that'll also check your heart rate.

Wheels make for easy transporting when you're ready to store it away or take the workout outside on sunnier days.

It's not the prettiest of the bunch, but it'll certainly do the job and beyond. If you're less fussed about design and more concerned with function, this is the bike for you.

This indoor bike is multi functional and will allow you to tackle most areas of your body. Resistance bands allow you to work your arms whilst strengthening your legs and when you wish to work your core, a twist plate at the back of the device will let you deal with that.

The digital monitor has a user friendly design, so you can easily monitor important stats like your heart rate and the progress of your workout.

Abdominal Crunch Machine

When the hard work is over, the bike has an ergonomic design that will allow you to fold it up until next time.

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