Skateboarding enthusiasts have to be confined to the street because their skateboards with smaller wheels have less chance to be on bumpy or unpaved roads. There are many electric skateboards on the market for everyday use, but the new powerful Cycleagle model can fall into your taste due to its off-road capabilities.

Thanks to this new off-road skateboard, you can go to places where an ordinary skateboard would hardly get.

The Cycleagle comes equipped with four 1000-watt brushless electric motors, each of which drives one of the wheels, forming an independent suspension. The power supply is provided by high-performance lithium batteries that allow it to cover up to 22 km (14 miles). It also features tool-less battery swapping, letting you swap in a fully charged battery anytime and anywhere you like.

The acceleration and braking are carried out using a wireless controller that comes with it, and the maximum speed of this reaches 43 km/h (27 mph). The product that looks really fun is made of aviation-grade aluminum material and equipped with carbon fiber protective layers, which guarantees an acceptable weight below 19.5 kg in its 4WD version (4-wheel-drive version) and 17.5 kg in 2WD version.

Equipped with a reverse gear, the Cycleagle electric field skateboard has a ground clearance of 155 mm, allowing it to cross over rocks, not just the road. Interestingly, users can customize shock absorption and steering sensitivity, especially for themselves.

It would not be expected such a model to be cheap anyway. Given that only a few prototypes have been produced so far, customers have the option to purchase a cheaper 2-wheel version for $2,700 and a higher 4-wheel version for $3,700. However, the product is now available on Indiegogo for a pledge of $1,480 and $1,980, respectively.

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